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Scream Season 3 will be completely retooled

It’s all change for MTV’s Scream TV series, Queen Latifah signs on to produce

As had previously been reported, MTV is going for the “clean slate” approach for Scream Season 3.

THR reports that a complete overhaul is happening, with “a brand-new cast, location and producing team as the franchise will focus on a less white story.”

The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural veteran Brett Matthews has signed on as showrunner, while Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere and Yaneley Arty will executive produce as part of Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment.

As mentioned, the overhaul is fairly total, and the report stresses that they’ll be aiming for a different story with a more diverse cast. It uses the phrase “less white” twice so it sounds like they’ve definitely noticed how white the first two seasons have been.

So that means no Willa Fitzgerald, John Karna, Carlson Young, Bex Taylor-Klaus, or Amadeus Serafini, but it’s not clear yet whether Scream will go for an American Horror Story-style anthology approach, or if this coming season will be the start of a new longer-running story. Ratings for the second season were not good, but MTV is clearly committed to making the show based on Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s classic work. With Teen Wolf coming to an end, the network’s only other genre scripted drama is The Shannara Chronicles, which was renewed for a second season last year.

The third season of Scream will have six episodes, and we’ll keep you updated with news about plot and casting as soon as we hear it.

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