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Ruairi Robinson’s Leviathan movie signs big name producers

Two big names will produce Ruairi Robinson’s The Leviathan following awesome teaser

LeviathanA few days ago, director Ruairi Robinson released a proof of concept teaser for his sci-fi film The Leviathan. Now, it’s taken a big step towards production.

Deadline reports that Simon Kinberg (X-Men, The Fantastic Four) and Neill Blomkamp have signed on to produce and executive produce the film respectively, beating out several interested parties.

The teaser hit Vimeo last week and became a bit of a sensation. The pitch from the director of The Last Days On Mars is as set in the “early 22nd century. Mankind has colonized many worlds in a time when travel faster than the speed of light has been made possible by the harvesting of exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen. Those who take part in the hunt for the matter are mostly involuntary labor.”

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