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Rogue One: Tony Gilroy “supervising” Star Wars spin-off reshoots

What’s going on behind the scenes on Rogue One?

Having first heard at the start of June that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was to be the recipient of a number of reshoots, it appears that the tinkering with the first Star Wars spin-off isn’t quite over yet.

According to an article on The Hollywood Reporter, director/writer Tony Gilroy is supervising the post-production process on Rogue One, albeit “with input from director Gareth Edwards”. While the article seems to suggest that their partnership is amicable (Gilroy and Edwards worked together on Godzilla), reshoots and personnel changes tend to not bode particularly well when it comes to big-budget movies. Just ask Suicide Squad.

Then again, as the same article went out, things didn’t exactly run smoothly on the classic original trilogy either, which was beset by firings, reshoots and instances of going over-budget.

For Gilroy’s part, he has prior experience of working on the Hollywood stage, having directed The Bourne Legacy and Michael Clayton (and assisting on The Bourne Identity), and as previously mentioned he has a positive history with Edwards, so this shouldn’t necessarily be taken as bad news.

Still, it does beg the question of why someone with as clearly defined a vision as Edwards was hired if it turned out not to be to the studio’s 100% liking. Monsters and Godzilla are both grim and gritty – yet somehow still intimate – war movies, and while we’re sure that Rogue One wouldn’t have turned out to be exactly the same beast, you have to expect his directorial style to dictate it. Regardless, we’ll wait until the movie’s release (or any other developments) before passing further judgement.

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