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Rob Zombie says Halloween was “A miserable experience.”

The Devil’s Rejects director’s The Blob remake was to be “Dead serious”

Rob ZombieRob Zombie has described making the Halloween remake and its sequel as “a miserable experience.”

Speaking to The Playlist, Zombie explains that although he’s proud of the finished products, working on the remake of the John Carpenter classic was not enjoyable.

“I really like those films. I didn’t have a good time making them. It was actually a kind of miserable experience. Any time they vary from the format is when I really like them.”

He also discussed his cancelled remake of The Blob. “The Blob was going to happen. I was dealing with people on the movie, even though I was on the fence about doing anything that was considered a remake again. I really didn’t like the idea of that, but just as I went down the road further with the producers and the guys that owned the property, I didn’t feel good about the situation and I just walked away from it. My gut told me this was not a good place to be.

“It was dead serious. I was almost like a dark science fiction film, but it was serious. To me, horror and comedy never work. Never worked for me, anyway.”

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