Rob Zombie is crowd-funding his next horror 31

Rob Zombie’s mystery horror 31 is being crowd-funded because it’s all about the fans

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Rob Zombie has been teasing details about his next horror 31 for a while now, and there’s a new piece of information: It’s going to be crowd-funded.

The film’s FanBacked page has arrived and is filled with concept art and videos of Zombie pitching the movie and explaining his reasons for crowdfunding it.

“Welcome to my next film. It is called 31. It is the story of five random people kidnapped on the five days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World. While trapped inside this man-made Hell, they must fight to survive playing the most violent game known to man… a game called 31.

“31 has no rules. 31 has no boundaries. It is ever so simple. Do whatever you can do to kill your opponent before they kill you. Keep this up for 12 hours and freedom is yours. Who are the opponents? Well… a group of vile, filthy, blood-thirsty clowns known as THE HEADS. They come in all shapes and sizes and each grows nastier than the last.”

“What kind of film is this you ask? It is a fast paced, mean dirty film for those who like it rough. Get ready for a sick piece of celluloid! This is some hardcore business for the blood-thirsty gore hounds.”

As to why he’s crowd-funding, Zombie explains that it’s all about the fans.

“I’m crowd funding because I realize that it’s an incredible opportunity to engage the fans. They’ve always been the most important thing for me because, with metal and horror, the fans aren’t just fans – it’s their life, their lifestyle. They live and breathe it, as I do, and any way that you can bring the people that are as passionate about it as you are into the process is a win-win for everybody. Get on board! Get involved! Be part of this horrifying business! The world of horror needs you!”

What do you think? Zombie’s directorial output so far includes the awful House Of 1000 Corpses, the grim but effective The Devil’s Rejects, the actually quite good Halloween remake, the dire Halloween 2 and the completely mad Lords Of Salem.

Does crowd-funding a film from Rob Zombie sound like something that appeals to you? Or is this an example of someone who could make a film using traditional funding falling back on his fans because it seems like an easier option?

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