Ridley Scott in talks to direct Merlin origin story for Disney

The Merlin Saga has caught the eye of the Alien: Covenant director

With Alien: Covenant and All The Money In The World, Ridley Scott has had two films hit cinemas in less than 12 months but he doesn’t have an obvious “Next Project” and that just won’t do.

Variety reports that the gleefully prolific veteran director is in talks with Disney to helm The Merlin Saga, a film about the early years of the wizard who’d go on to mentor King Arthur, which they believe will be his next film. It will be written by Philippa Boyens (best known for her work with Peter Jackson on everything from The Lord Of The Rings to Mortal Engines) whose script is based on TA Barron’s books. We’re willing to bet a good sum of money that a lot of our readers will be flashbacking to the BBC series Merlin right about now.

The report also notes that Disney is working on a Sword In The Stone update, and that Scott had conversations about that too. However, it looks like The Merlin Saga has caught his eye. Meanwhile, Scott remains committed to making at least one more film set in the Alien universe, although we wouldn’t be surprised if that takes a little longer to surface following the poor box office performance of Covenant.

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