Rick And Morty Season 4 confirmed, and there’s much more to come

Adult Swim orders a massive 70 episodes of Rick And Morty

We’ve had cancellation news left and right over the last day or two, but one show is coming in with some great news: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon’s Rick And Morty.

THR reports that the brilliant, strange and hilarious animation has been given a huge 70-episode order by Adult Swim, ending a period of speculation about the show’s future.

However, there is no time-frame for any of this, and the site reports it as “a long-term deal”, noting that 70 episodes is more than double the number of episodes already aired.

Speaking to GQ, Harmon said that he was excited that a commitment of this kind from Adult Swim will take away a lot of the season-to-season stress and allow them to really sink their teeth into the Rick And Morty universe. “…getting a 70-episode pickup means that I can actually really focus on it, and loving it won’t be taking away from anything else. I can let Rick And Morty take away from everything,” he said.

“The deal that we arrived at is certainly one that justifies us focusing on the show exclusively. We’ll be able to do other things, but the catch-as-catch-can, hand-to-mouth, wondering-what-my-future-holds days can finally draw to a close.”

Rick And Morty has gone from strength to strength over the course of its three seasons as the writers continued to push at the boundaries of what they could do and what the show was. We’re very excited about where they can go from here…

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