Retro Gamer issue 100 is full of sci-fi, fantasy and horror

Retro Gamer go back in time for issue 100, revisiting SciFiNow friendly topics like Lord Of The Rings arcade games, horror movie tie-ins, Star Wars, Resident Evil, and more

Retro Gamer issue 100

Retro Gamer issue 100
Retro Gamer and friends on their 100th birthday

Our buddies over on Retro Gamer, no more than a dozen metres away, have turned the big one-oh-oh, and to celebrate issue 100 of the world’s leading retro videogames mag comes complete with its very first issue, beamed forward from space-year 2004.

Issue 1 has plenty to delight SciFiNow readers – there’s a big piece on horror movie licensed games and a huge look at Lord Of The Rings games, starting with 1982’s Shadowfax, while the all-important birthday issue itself features 100 classic gaming moments, from Star Wars and Robocop, to Resident Evil, Duke Nukem 3D and Halo.

Retro Gamer issue 100 is available from all good newsagents, the imagineshop or itunes.