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Red Dwarf XII first look at the Kryten-ed crew

Old faces look a little different in this new look at Red Dwarf XII

The first look image from the new series of Red Dwarf has arrived, and the boys from the Dwarf are looking a little different.

Yes indeed, Lister (Craig Charles), Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Cat (Danny John-Jules) have been mechanised, and it doesn’t sound like the actors particularly enjoyed going through the same experience in make-up as Robert Llewellyn undergoes every day on set.

Here’s how they described it in the press release:

Danny John-Jules (The Cat): It was quite disturbing. The thing was we could only see your eyes, scary it actually looks like you in the mask. We ended up in the scenes, kind of staring at each other.

Craig Charles (Lister): It was so uncomfortable, so hot, I thought I was crying at one point but I wasn’t, I was sweating through my eyes! Chris (Barrie) got ill wearing it.

DJJ: The problem was, the sweat sort of collects under the mask but outside it was about -5 degrees, so we’d run out to get fresh air and then nearly die of pneumonia!

Chris Barrie (Rimmer): It was brilliant in the morning, wasn’t it, but over lunch, sitting in it and waiting is always the hardest  bit. When you’re working I’m not bothered about it, but when you’re having to wait, and you’re in the mask and you can’t do anything, you’re thinking ‘is this going to come off?!’

CC: (We had a whole new respect for Rob) Yeah, I thought just get on with it, you wuss.

DJJ: 28 years of guilt, of calling him a big wuss. We literally went out bowing to (Rob), because it was amazing.

Robert Llewellyn (Kryten): It was just the weirdest thing, they were absolutely them but they were all mechanoid versions of them, there’s no way of describing it.

We can see just how they ended up in this mess when Red Dwarf XII begins this Autumn on Dave.

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