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Rainn Wilson to star in Super

A new superhero comedy gets announced.

PH4RRa77XKLx85Hollywood up and comer Rainn Wilson is set to broaden his horizons by staring in a superhero comedy. As reported by Variety, The Office funny man will be the lead in the aptly titled Super. In the film Wilson plays an average Joe who, after witnessing his wife fall for a drug dealer, takes it upon himself to become a crime fighter. Calling himself the Crimson Bolt – definitely a whiff of Iron Man about that name – he sets out to tackle crime armed with a trusty wrench. With drug dealers and wrench beatings already hinted at in this premise, expect Super to be played more in the style of Kick-Ass than Defendor.

Writer/director James Gunn will be managing this project, and his work flits from the good (Slither), the bad (Dawn Of The Dead) and the ugly (both Scooby-Doo films). Super mark’s his second time behind the camera after Slither. Joining Wilson is an impressive cast, which at this time features Ellen Page and Liv Tyler.

Production for Super will commence this December and we will bring you more news on this in the future.