Pumpkinhead remake is coming for Stan Winston horror

Stan Winston and Lance Henriksen’s ’80s demon horror Pumpkinhead is getting a reboot

pumpkinheadPumpkinhead, the directorial debut of effects legend Stan Winston, is getting a reboot.

The Tracking Board reports that MPCA are looking to give the 1988 film, which starred Lance Henriksen as a vengeful father who conjures up the titular demon to punish the teenagers who ran over his son, a reboot.

The original was more notable for Henriksen’s strong lead performance than anything else, and it’s certainly not one of the most memorable ’80s monster movies. There were three further films in the franchise that included a Hatfields and McCoys prequel, so a reboot is probably the next logical step.

You can buy Pumpkinhead on DVD for £5.28 at Amazon.co.uk.