Prometheus artist’s monster-making masterclass

Create sci-fi creatures with the monster maker behind Prometheus in the latest issue of the brilliant 3D Artist, out now in all good newsagents and digitally from

3D Artist Prometheus

3D Artist Prometheus
3D Artist issue 43 is on sale now!

Fancy creating the kind of nightmareish beasties that sent Ellen Ripley or RJ McCready scurrying for the flamethrower?

Well, our buddies over at the utterly incomparable 3D Artist have an absolutely monsterous special issue with you in mind, featuring exzclusive insight and downright dirty secrets from the troubled imaginations of legendary horror artist and Prometheus creature creator Carlos Haunte (whose credits also include The Mummy, Men In Black 2, and The Real Ghostbusters animated series!), and much much more!

Check out the full details on, and don’t forget, like your beloved SciFiNow, you can pick up the magazine from the ImagineShop and digitally from!

Not sure if this is too much awesome for you to handle? Check out some of the features below:

Prometheus 3D Artist preview 3

Prometheus 3D Artist preview 1

Prometheus 3D Artist preview 2