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Producer Sera Gamble on Supernatural S5

Talking light-hearted moments, Lucifer, Horsemen and angels. Also, clips!

supernatural-sympathy-devil-02SciFiNow recently spoke to Supernatural producer and writer Sera Gamble about what fans can expect from the upcoming fifth, and possibly final, season of the show, who assured us a different take on the material than most may otherwise be expecting.

“It’s a bit bonkers,” said Gamble at San Diego Comic-Con in July. “I will say that the apocalypse has not turned out to be as dark as I thought it would be. Last season was pretty much suicidal at points, especially Sam went so dark. I’m finding this apocalypse surprisingly amusing. We’re having so much fun with it.” Part of that fun clearly stems from breaking such characters as archangels, God, demons and of course, Lucifer, who Gamble assures us will be a more Miltonian version of the antichrist than we might otherwise expect. “We were careful not to just go with a typical take on Lucifer. He’s beautiful and gentile and he has a very, very good f*cking point to make,” Gamble related. “As I think with the best of our supposed villains on the show, he is maybe almost as right or righter than the good guys. He has a very complex and interesting point of view. So he’s been really fascinating to kind of unlock and figure out and understand.”

As the Apocalypse approaches, angelic intervention is undoubtedly going to increase. Fans shouldn’t expect the Lord’s emissaries to be any more likeable than they have been already, however. “We went out of our way to make our angels dicks,” she said with a laugh. “So if angels are dicks, archangels are like, super dicks.” The ambiguity of other characters, long a trait of the show, will remain intact as well. “We’re telling stories about the horsemen of the apocalypse. Are they demons? Are they angels? Are they something else? And what do they do and how do they feel? And what does the apocalypse mean to them? So they have been really fun.”

Although nobody knows what’s going to happen at the end of the series, what the appearance of God means and whether the Winchester boys will heal their ruined relationship, one thing is for certain, Kripke will be writing the final episode. “I’m sure I will,” we said, when we asked him if he’d be penning the last hurrah for this storyline at least. “I’m too much of a selfish bastard not to.”

Supernatural season five debuts on 10 September 2009, on The CW in the United States. Three clips from the first episode, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, are included below, courtesy of Airlock Alpha.