Paranormal Activity 7 gets 2021 release date from Paramount

Find out when you can catch Paranormal Activity 7 in cinemas

Following the announcement that the Paranormal Activity franchise will be getting a seventh instalment, Paramount has has jumped right to it and revealed a release date too.

According to TheWrap, you can expect to see the seventh Paranormal Activity film on 19 March 2021. The film will be the first instalment in the franchise since the 2015 series Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Box office figures for Paranormal Activity have been down recently, following a high in 2011 for the third film in the series, which grossed $207 million. The original film, released in 2007, was made on a $15,000 budget and grossed $193 million worldwide.

In addition to the Paranormal news, Paramount also announced a release date for its upcoming My Little Pony film: 24 September 2021.

The project is being produced through Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures banner. Plot details have not been released, and it’s unclear whether the film will have any connection to the popular Friendship Is Magic series or even the 2017 feature film My Little Pony: The Movie.

Paranormal Activity 7 will be in cinemas on 19 March 2021. Get all the latest horror news with every issue of SciFiNow.