Pacific Rim 2’s bad guy was going to be Charlie Day

Guillermo del Toro wanted Charlie Day’s Newt to turn evil in Pacific Rim 2

Charlie Day as Newt in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim
Charlie Day as Newt in Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim

Speaking to Crave Online, Charlie Day revealed the original plan for his twitchy kaiju obsessive Newt was for him to turn evil in Pacific Rim 2, perhaps corrupted by his newfound skill for drifting with the monsters.

“I remember when I first met with [Guillermo del Toro] that he liked the idea of Newt becoming a bit of a villain in the second film,” Day said.

“But, I think over the course of making the film, and the way the character resonated with the audience, I don’t think he would want to turn him into a villain now, but I really have no idea.

“Guillermo is one of these guys that his mind is so active that he might have an idea about something and then it’s a completely different idea five minutes later.”

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