Opinion: Will Avatar be all it’s cracked up to be?

A look at the hype of Avatar.

8335orig1Is it just me or is there a hell of a lot of hype and hyperbole surrounding Avatar? So it will be helmed by the great James Cameron, meaning a certain level of quality is likely (although not guaranteed, it must be said). And it could well push 3D technology forward into an exciting new phase, but we can’t be sure of this yet until we see the final product. But other than that, what do we really know about this film that warrants the amount of excitement it’s creating? Just because Cameron’s name is attached, should we really see Avatar as the saviour of cinema? After all, one of the biggest bits of news out of Comic-Con, and one of the most fervently received by fans, is that Cameron will be showing 15 minutes of his film soon. But this news still doesn’t tell us anything about the actual film.

I can’t help but dread that Avatar will just be a showcase of Cameron’s 3D advancements, and will be rather lacklustre as a movie in its own right. Maybe I’m wrong and Avatar is being kept under lock and key to surprise us, and will knock us sideways upon its release, but I really hope we get something along the lines of Aliens rather than 3D tech piffle Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. We need some decent story, great set pieces and characters we can root for, as well as technological whiz bang pop sigh if Avatar is going to truly be the herald of cinema some are expecting. We await the 15 minute pre-screening with bated breath. Please, Cameron, don’t let us down.