One big reason to get excited about Cowboys And Aliens…

…and a few smaller ones too.

Cowboys And Aliens was always destined to be a darling of the internet. After all, it’s cowboys, and aliens, together. Who could possibly have come up with such a winning combination?

Seriously though, it’s easy to relegate the film to the usual mash-up category, populated by such creative paragons as Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, or Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but this one appears to be gaining credibility by the day. Don’t believe us? Here’s a list of people involved in it. Check out the top of the list.

As an aside, you can read the comic for free here.

Harrison-Ford654Harrison Ford

Nothing is known about what role Harrison Ford will be playing in the film, only that he will have a role. This was revealed by director Jon Favreau on his Twitter account, with the news having originally broken through Latino Review’s studio source.

6a00d8341e759f53ef010536d1ca11970c-800wiDaniel Craig

Robert Downey Jr was originally set to take on the role of Zeke Jackson, a wagon master who ends up embroiled in the conflict, but the role eventually went to Daniel Craig. You might recognise him from a few cult films to do with a British secret agent.

olivia-wildeOlivia Wilde

Wilde will be taking on the role of Ella, Zeke Jackson’s right-hand woman in the film. This isn’t the actress’s first foray into genre work, despite her predominantly mainstream background. She’s also playing the part of Quorra in Tron Legacy.

alex_kurtzman_and_bob_orciAlex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

These two seem to be involved in everything genre these days. Literally, everything, in some capacity. For the purposes of Cowboys And Aliens, however, they’re writing the screenplay along with fellow Star Trek collaborator Damon Lindelof.

spielberg1Steven Spielberg

The legendary director is taking on producer duties for the film, and this would probably explain the attraction of talent such as Craig, Ford, Downey and others to the project. Ron Howard is also producing, along with Kurtzman and Orci, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg and Brian Grazer.

jon_favreau_iron_man_movie_imageJon Favreau

Alright, so he’s starred in a few really poor romantic comedies, but Favreau’s work on Iron Man has been solid. We’re really looking forward to seeing what he can do with the concept, as his track record in comic book films being pretty exemplary so far.