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Once Upon A Time Season 4 gives Frozen’s Elsa a “twist”

Frozen snow queen Elsa will be changed for Once Upon A Time Season 4, confirm creators

Elsa as she appears in Disney's Frozen
Elsa as she appears in Disney’s Frozen

Once Upon A Time Season 4 promises to shake up Frozen‘s fan-favourite snow queen Elsa, teased in the finale of Season 3, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’.

Check out her enigmatic debut below:

The show’s creators, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, told Entertainment Weekly, “For us, I think this is Elsa from Frozen. That was kind of the inspiration…

“Will there be our own elements put to it? Yes. Like all things like we do with Snow White or Peter Pan or Captain Hook, we take our own kind of twist on it but remaining faithful to the actual essence of the character.”

Once Upon A Time Season 4 will air early 2015 on ABC in the US. You can pick up Once Upon A Time Season 1 on DVD for £15.62 or Blu-ray for £16.33 from Amazon.co.uk.