Obi-Wan Kenobi solo Star Wars movie is in development with Stephen Daldry

The director of The Hours and Billy Elliott is reportedly up for the Obi-Wan spin-off

Rumours that Obi-Wan Kenobi would be getting his own Star Wars spin-off movie have been circulating for about as long as Disney announced that they’d be doing these anthology films. We’ve had Rogue One, the untitled Han Solo movie is nearing the end of its well-publicised rocky shooting schedule, and now it looks like everyone’s favourite Jedi Master could finally be getting his time to shine.

THR reports that the project is in the very earliest stages of development at Disney with no script, but they claim that Stephen Daldry is the man that’s been chosen to direct and oversee the screenplay. They also say that “since there is no script, no actor is attached.”

However, it’s hard to see this going forward without Ewan McGregor in the role. The actor has said many times that he’s up for an Obi-Wan movie, and he was clearly thrilled that he got to lend his voice to a tiny scene in The Force Awakens.

We’ve seen pretty much every stage of his life apart from his early childhood and what happened to him in between Episodes III and IV, and we know which one we’d rather see. Come on, Disney. Get him signed up.

Now, Daldry is a pretty surprising choice for this, if the source is to be believed. While he’s certainly got awards cred, that’s come from directing dramas like Billy Elliott, The Hours, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close and The Reader. His current project is Netflix series The Crown, which is much more about the struggles of young Queen Elizabeth navigating political minefields and less about Jedi Masters. In fact, there’s very little on his CV that screams “Star Wars director”; the closest thing is probably the Wicked film that has been in development for a little while now. It’s possible that Disney is looking for the opposite of the problems they had with Lord and Miller on Han Solo, and it’s also possible that Daldry’s been dying to make a space opera for decades.

We’re cautiously thrilled that an Obi-Wan movie is possibly finally happening but, you know, get McGregor confirmed. That’s priority one.

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