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NowGamer @ Gamescom

NowGamer.com brings you unrivalled coverage of Gamescom ’09.

picture-2Mad about Mass Effect? Crazy about The Old Republic? Then you’ve probably got your eyes peeled for any word coming out of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany right now. Fortunately, Imagine Publishing can give you the one-stop shop for all of your gaming news from the event, direct from our team of reporters on the ground.

NowGamer.com is offering unrivalled coverage of this multi-day event, bringing you all of the breaking news on the new releases, interviews with the developers and by-the-second updates via the website and its Twitter page, dedicated solely to the comings and goings in Cologne.

For more, visit NowGamer.com and add it to your RSS feeds. The Twitterati among you can also follow the progress at @NowGamer_Events.