No new Hulk movie until after Avengers 2

Could a post-Avengers Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie be based on Planet Hulk?

Planet Hulk movie Avengers Assemble 2

Planet Hulk movie Avengers Assemble 2
The cover of The Incredible Hulk issue 95, circa Planet Hulk

Asked by MTV whether there was a chance of a new Hulk movie, but one based on the Planet Hulk storyline in which Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers shoot the troublesome green beast off into space where he carves out his own empire and John Carter-style romance, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige answered diplomatically, “I don’t think there’s a lot that we couldn’t do someday, as the cinematic universe continues to grow and expand and get as big as the comic book universe. Planet Hulk is a cool story, World War Hulk is a cool story.”

Feige did curtail the outlandish suggestions, though, saying, “I think there’s pitfalls of continuity-overload, and mythology getting so dense that it almost collapses in on itself. It happens every few decades or so in the comics. Apart from that, I’d say everything is on the table.”

A new Mark Ruffalo-fronted Hulk movie though, could still happen – albeit one perhaps not as ambitious as World War Hulk or Planet Hulk.

“Do I think Hulk can carry a movie and be as entertaining as he was in Avengers? I do believe that,” said Kevin Feige. “I do believe he absolutely could. We certainly are not even going to attempt that until Avengers 2. So there’s a lot of time to think about it.”

Don’t despair though Hulk fans, there has however been a rather brilliant animated adaptation of Planet Hulk which you can pick up on DVD for £3.04 from