Nine Worlds 2018 hits London on 10 August!

Don’t miss the Nine Worlds London Geekfest convention this weekend!

This weekend, genre fans will descend on London for the mighty fan-driven convention Nine Worlds London Geekfest 2018 and you can’t afford to miss it.

If you haven’t been to Nine Worlds before, this year’s line-up includes (deep breath) “academic talks, barcon, Bifrost Cabaret, board gaming, books, cheese & cheese, comedy, comics, cosplay, crafting, creative writing, dealers’ hall, DJ sets, fandoms, fanworks, films, games culture and design, geek feminism, hackers, history, how-to’s, internet culture, karaoke, knitting and yarn craft, kids programming, LARPing, LGBTQIIA+ culture, makers, pub quiz, race and culture, sign language, singalongs, social gaming, swordplay, tea parties, technology TV, video gaming, and workshops..”

You can find a link to the schedule here and there is an incredible wealth of talks, activities and, well, everything on offer.

In the words of the fest, “it’s about sci-fi, comics, horror, fantasy, films…, but it is also probably the most diverse UK convention in terms of content, attendees and organisers, incorporating technology, media, crafting, comics, entertainments, tastings, and lots more.

We’re a fan-made and fan-led event, an amalgam of community and peers, a time to meet people, make things, and do stuff. Where ever you sit in the geek galaxy, there is something for you.”

Now, the things you need to know:

Nine Worlds London Geekfest is at Novotel London West in Hammersmith, 10-12 August.

Tickets are available on the door. Weekend ticket: £129, Day ticket: £60, Evening ticket: £15

All the information you need, from location info to a list of speakers and panels, is on the website, which is here.