New website feature: Literary section expands its coverage of the printed word.

As you may have noticed from your RSS feeds, we’ve gone a bit overboard with the uploads on the website today, populating our dedicated literary section. Given the prominence we give SF&F literature in the magazine, it only seemed fair that we expand our online coverage as well.

It’s an ongoing process, and we’re still categorising old content and uploading new content, but it will soon be your one-stop shop for everything genre related in the literary world. Over the next few weeks and months we plan to bring you exclusive author columns, reviews, interviews, news and features. Click here to start browsing.

Here are a few of our selections to get you started:

Book review – The Dervish House, Ian McDonald
The Bookcase Review
Interview: Dan Abnett
Book review – For The Win
Guest article – Lad-lit, MD Lachlan

Enjoy, and don’t forget, all of our book reviews include a link to Amazon. So if you decide to buy the novel in question, use that and you’ll also be supporting your favourite science fiction magazine in the process.