New to Android or Samsung Galaxy?

The Samsung Galaxy Book and Android For Beginners are out now on Google Play

We wouldn’t be SciFiNow if we weren’t at the front of the queue when it came to new technology, forever looking ahead to embrace the latest gadgets and gizmos, but who has the time and energy to really master the intricacies of their latest smartphone and tablet?

You do, thanks to the latest accessible and entertaining bookazines from Imagine Publishing, the folk behind the awesomesauce SciFiNow.

We’re proud to announce the launch of The Samsung Galaxy Book and Android For Beginners on Google Play, your one-stop, know-all reference to your slick new device – from the killer apps and tips for better use, to easy-to-follow tutorials on the very basics, like how to sync up your phone and tablet.

Take a sneaky look at The Samsung Galaxy Book below:

And Android For Beginners:

Get The Samsung Galaxy Book for £5.99 and Android For Beginners for £4.31, both on Google Play right this second!