New Thundercats toy range launches in time for Christmas

But can they recreate the buzz of the Eighties?

The original LJN Thundercats toy range actually lasted longer than the cartoon itself, from 1984 to 1987, and dominated many a Christmas, but will Bandai’s new range, designed to follow the updated series capture that same zeitgeist?

Andrew Welch, Product Manager for Boys brands at Bandai UK reckons so, saying, “The new animation series of Thundercats is fantastic, with a great refresh look to update the brand for new fans, whilst keeping true to the original series. Our Thundercats product range has previewed very well with all our retailers and with very encouraging early US sales we are excited about the launch of Thundercats in the UK.”

Originally unveiled at the New York Toy Fair in February, the range will hit the stores on December 1, 2011 and retailers are optimistic.

“There is huge buzz about the toys,” agrees Dave of Fordingbridge geek emperium All The Cool Stuff. “Bandai have been smart from the beginning to cater for fans of the original cartoon ahead of the launch of the re-boot with a ‘classic’ 6″ action figure line, but the reaction to the new cartoon has generally exceeded expectation and the demand for the 3 3/4″ new generation toy-line will probably be even bigger.”

Check out the range below: