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New Men In Black trilogy is on the way. Nod your head

A new Men In Black trilogy is imminent – but is Will Smith involved?

The last glimpse we had of the Men In Black franchise was back in 2012 with Men In Black 3. While it did well at the box office and scored generally positive reviews, it didn’t quite manage to kick-start the franchise in the way that many might have been hoping.

Despite this, it seems that there is still interest in further Men In Black films, although perhaps not in the format that you might expect. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Laura Macdonald and Walter Parkes, who both recently worked as producers on the original series, have confirmed their intention of not only creating a sequel, but an entirely new trilogy, with Parkes saying, “We’re in the middle of it. It’s very active.”

For the moment though, it seems as though it’ll be a new cast, with Macdonald admitting that Will Smith “most likely” isn’t going to be a part of it. Which is a shame, considering he’s, y’know, Will Smith and everything.

Men In Black 4 2
Producers Laura Macdonald and Walter Parkes are keen on making Men In Black 4

Still, all’s not lost. Stranger things have happened, and she didn’t exactly say no outright. Plus, maybe we’ll get to see that 21 Jump Street crossover. Or maybe we’re just clutching at straws…

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