New Green Lantern movie gets an intriguing official title

Find out what name DC’s new Green Lantern reboot will go by

Green Lantern Corps
Will Green Lantern Corps feature both Hal Jordan AND John Stewart?

Out of all the movies on DC’s upcoming release slate, Green Lantern is probably the one we’ve heard the least about (which is unsurprising, considering how poorly received the Martin Campbell-directed original was). So coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, it was nice to here something, even if it’s just the official title: Green Lantern Corps.

As well as distancing itself from its predecessor, it also poses a number of intriguing new possibilities. Circumventing the expected Hal Jordan/John Stewart debate, the official title leaves things open to the both of them. With Tyrese Gibson and Chris Pine both being linked to roles in previous weeks, this would make sense.

No further word has been given regarding any additional information from the film, but as always, we’ll bring it to you as we hear it!

Green Lantern Corps is tentatively scheduled for a 2020 release date.For more about the comics that inspired the film, pick up the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics: Revised Edition bookazine now.