New Chuck to air soon?

Season three could debut as early as late October, says Ausiello.

adam-baldwin-chuck-tv-series-season-2-promo-gq-02Fans of NBC’s Chuck, which has managed to pull through to a third season despite impressive odds, may not have to wait until 2010 for new episodes, according to EW’s inexorable purveyor of anonymous information, Michael Ausiello.

“As early as late October, my moles tell me,” wrote Ausiello on his blog. “And while it remains unclear whether the little show that could (and has and shall again) would return to its Monday timeslot or find itself a new perch, NBC insiders who’ve seen the first four episodes are calling this season the best yet.” Chuck was originally scheduled to air its 13-episode third outing in March 2010, after the major network coverage of the Winter Olympics. It was brought back after a concerted fan campaign earlier in the year that targeted its main sponsor Subway (which will have an enhanced presence in the new episodes) and online buzz about the series, as well as universally good press.

Chuck stars Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez among others. The series follows a young Stanford drop-out who has a government intelligence database imprinted on his brain, causing him to be put in the line of fire of various terrorist, mercenaries, and a shadowy CIA sub-agency known as Fulcrum. The end of the second season saw Chuck finally remove the database, known as the Intersect, from his mind, only to have a new one imprinted that allows him to access physical information as well as digital.

Ausiello’s exclusive can be found here.