Leonardo and Lorenzo join forces in Da Vinci’s Demons

Blood brothers join forces in Da Vinci’s Demons Series 2 Episode 2, Friday 11th April on FOX.

Da Vinci’s Demons Series 2, Episode 2 airs 11th April 2014 on FOX

Florence remains in complete chaos as the second series of Da Vinci’s Demons continues.

Having escaped the Pazzi conspirators and pushed his mind and body to the limit for a risky blood transfusion, our hero, Leonardo Da Vinci, now faces the wrath of Lorenzo.

We left the weakened Medici ruler threatening to kill Leonardo for abusing his trust and wooing his mistress. But after hearing heart-breaking news of his brother’s slaughter and learning of the very real danger of the mob of Florence gathering in the streets threatening to destroy the Medici family, Lorenzo must again look to Leonardo to help him win back the approval of his people and save his city.

With an impressive display of power will he be able to win back the hearts of his people?

Meanwhile the imprisoned Nico attempts to withstand Riario’s temptations and avoid betraying his Maestro and Clarice struggles to keep control of the Medici Palace on her own. Will Lucrezia and Zoroaster survive or succumb to a watery end?

Find out in Da Vinci’s Demons ‘The Blood Of Brothers’ on Friday 11th April at 10pm on FOX.