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Neuromancer film finally loses director Vincenzo Natali

The forever-in-production Neuromancer movie is actively looking for a new director

neuromancerWith the news that the Neuromancer film is actively looking for new writers and a director comes confirmation of something that we’d kind of assumed at this point: Vincenzo Natali is no longer directing.

Screen Daily reported from Cannes that GFM Films has partnered with C2M Media Group as the hunt for new creative talent begins. We’ll still believe in a movie based on William Gibson’s classic when we see it, but that article has some statements from the people involved talking about how they’re excited about finally bringing it together.

It’s a real shame that Natali couldn’t get an adaptation off the ground. We’d have loved to have seen what the director of Cube and Cypher could have done with arguably the defining work of cyberpunk. Still, he’s got Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novella In The Tall Grass to work on.

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