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Ms Marvel will “roll with the big boys”

Ms Marvel writer says Kamala Khan won’t have “classic girlie powers”

The new Ms Marvel series launches 5 February 2014
The new Ms Marvel series launches 5 February 2014

Ms Marvel writer G Willow Wilson is making waves with her new Pakistani-American teenage superhero-in-training, Kamala Khan. But the comic-book cliche-busting doesn’t stop there.

Wilson was keen to get away from the “classic girlie powers where she’s floating and sparkling and reading people’s minds,” she told USA Today. Instead, Kamala’s powers will “really let her roll with the big boys if she was to get into a fight.” Her ability to polymorph means she’s can transform parts of her body, which comes in handy when battling baddies big and small, but makes her feel like an outsider in everyday life.

These shape-shifting powers are not only unusual for females to have in comic-books, but for good guys too. “We’re very suspicious of people who have fluid identities,” she says. “I thought, you know, if we’re going to undermine one set of stereotypes, let’s just undermine them all!”

The new Ms Marvel will be released on 5 February 2014.