Misfits Series 4: “We’re not trying to replace anyone”

Misfits creator Howard Overman and producer Matt Strevens on breaking in the new cast.

Misfits Series 4

Misfits Series 4
The cast of Misfits Series 4, Jess and Finn in the centre.

Speaking in a webchat on the show’s official website, Misfits creator Howard Overman dealt with the thorny issue of replacing much-loved cast members, saying, “We’ll replace them with equally entertaining characters. Nobody likes it when their favourite characters leave a show, but EastEnders survived without Rolly the poodle, and so will we.”

Producer Matt Strevens added, “I think this season may be the funniest yet, and the chemistry between the new gang is fantastic. There is also the beginnings of a great double act bromance between Rudy and new guy Finn.”

“So we have Jess and Finn [who] are on community service and we meet them in episode one,” continued Overman introducing the characters. “Then we have Alex, who is not in orange but is key to the series story arc. And finally Abby who the gang meet at a party later in the series, but you will have to see if she joins the main gang or not…”

Strevens continued: “As when Rudy replaced Nathan, we’re not trying to replace like with like. The new gang are very different and the dynamic feels totally new – but still Misfits.

Misfits Series 4 will show later in the year on E4.