Minority Report TV show gets powerhouse creators

Tom Cruise’s Minority Report returns as a TV show, probably without Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise solving crimes before they happen in 2002's Minority Report
Tom Cruise solving crimes before they happen in 2002’s Minority Report

According to The Wrap, Steven Spielberg is bringing his fondly recalled (but not exactly amazing) 2002 Philip K Dick adaptation Minority Report to the small screen through the Amblin Television branch of his production.

Much like his Amazon series Extant, Spielberg is reported to be eyeing up a major star for the lead (spoiler alert: probably not Tom Cruise), and the site hedges that the Minority Report TV series “will likely focus on the elite PreCrime unit.”

Spielberg, whose TV interest range from the genre-defining (Band Of Brothers) to the turgid (Terra Nova), isn’t the only big name creator lined up, with Godzilla and Skull Island writer Max Borenstein taking on the script.

Amazingly, this could be the first Philip K Dick TV series since 1999’s underloved but surprisingly game Total Recall 2070

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