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Mike Allred, Dan Slott, Bryan Hitch and more pay tribute to Joe Kubert

Comic-book legends pay tribute to artist and teacher Joe Kubert, dead at 85.

Joe Kubert
Joe Kubert
Joe Kubert at his desk

Comic-book artist and founder of the legendary Kubert School, Joe Kubert, died on 12 August 2012 following a period of hospitalisation. He was 86.

In a career that spanned nearly 70 years, encompassing the Golden and Silver Ages and all the way through to the present with all of the major publishers, and immortalised in the Hall Of Fame of both the Eisner and Harvey Awards, Kubert not only presided over celebrated runs on Hawkman, Tor, Tarzan and Sgt Rock, but inspired entire generations of creators when he founded the Kubert School for graphic illustration and cartooning in 1976.

“I’m stunned in learning of the passing of Joe Kubert,” said Madman and X-Statix artist and co-creator Mike Allred on his blog. “While Joe was there almost from the very beginning of the comic-book industry, he seemed as ageless as his work is timeless.  He never lost a beat.  What a loss to everyone.  Of course, most especially to his wonderful family. But what a legacy.  What an incredible phenomenal astounding legacy.”

“Sad to wake to the news of Joe Kubert’s passing,” said Ultimates and America’s Got Powers artist Bryan Hitch. “I thought he’d live forever and it seemed like he’d never stop. He truly was extraordinary.”

“I have many artists I love, I have one artist that’s my favorite,” said Batgirl writer Gail Simone. “Rest in peace to Joe Kubert, maker of heroes.”

“To hear that he’s gone is heartbreaking,” wrote Tank Girl co-creator Rufus Dayglo. “I wanted him to live forever… dispensing his knowledge, his wide smile and his huge handshake onto future generations.”

“Joe Kubert will always be one of the giants in our industry,” said The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Dan Slott, “in equal parts for the rich body of work he’s left us, and for all the working men and women he’s taught and inspired.

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