Merlin Series 5: Morgana is out for revenge

Actress Katie McGrath reveals Morgana’s evil plans for Camelot in Merlin series 5

Merlin Morgana Series 5

Merlin Morgana Series 5
Katie McGrath as Morgana in Merlin Series 4

When Merlin returns for its fifth series, Camelot would have lept forward in time three years. Actress Katie McGrath reveals Morgana has spent the majority of that time locked up.

“For Morgana’s story, the most important part is what you don’t see, the time off,” she says. “You discover that she has spent quite a large part of those three years imprisoned, so Morgana’s worst fear about what would happen if anyone found out that she was magical, has come true.”

Naturally, she’s livid about it. So much so, she’s changed her gameplan: “It’s no longer just about getting the throne for her now, it’s about revenge,” McGrath continues. “It’s her personal crusade for her to get back at the people she thinks have done this to her, and I think she thinks Arthur is behind a lot of that. If you thought she was bad before… she’s badder.”

Last year, Morgana was busily plotting with Arthur’s uncle Agravaine, but now he’s dead she’ll have more time to hang out with the rest of the gang. “This year I’m getting to interact with Angel (Coulby) and Colin (Morgan) and Bradley (James) a lot more. I was isolated last year. In a very clever way, I get to interact with the people in Camelot this year.”

Merlin will return to BBC One this autumn.