Merlin Series 5’s Mordred is recast as Asa Butterfield opts out

Alexander Vlahos is Mordred in Merlin Series 5, as Hugo star Asa Butterfield focuses on Hollywood. What can we expect from the older, new look villain?

Merlin Series 5 Mordred recast

Merlin Series 5 Mordred recast
Hugo's Asa Butterfield last appeared as Mordred in Merlin Series 2

Speaking to CultBox, Merlin writer/producer Julian Murphy confirmed that an older actor has been chosen to play the villainous Mordred in Merlin Series 5, replacing Hugo and Ender’s Game star Asa Butterfield.

“We’re happy to officially say that Alexander Vlahos is playing the older Mordred,” said Murphy. “He’s in a lot of Series 5.”

Merlin Series 5 will be the first genre role for Vlahos, who has appeared in both Doctors and The Indian Doctor as a regular character.

“As happens with many of these things – I guess Harry Potter being the most famous example – you do take the younger audience with you and to keep them you need to offer more sophisticated fare.”

So, what do you think the story is behind the older Mordred?

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