McSpaced, interrupted

Not as rubbish as you’d expect, but a photocopy nevertheless.

spacedOne of the more infamous stories in cult circles recently has been the rise and fall of the US remake of Spaced. Commissioned with the involvement of McG, giving it the unenviable moniker of ‘McSpaced’, what it didn’t have was any input or permission from the creators Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright or Jessica Hynes, who also publicly slammed it on MySpace and various other platforms.

The schadenfreude that emerged among the press (including us, admittedly) when the series didn’t receive a pick-up was remarkable, even by blog standards. Now, thanks to actor Federico Dordei‘s showreel, some footage from the remake-that-never-was has appeared online. The original link, however, was found through /Film’s post on the subject.

Surprisingly, it’s not terrible. Predictably, that’s because it’s been lifted almost verbatim from the British original, albeit without any of the directorial charm that so defined Spaced. In this version, set in San Francisco as opposed to London, Tim (Simon Pegg) has become Ben (Josh Lawson), Daisy (Jessica Hynes) has become Apryl (Sara Rue), Brian (Mark Heap) has become Christian (Dordei). We’ve embedded it for you below, there are one or two funny moments, but really, it’s an echo of what Spaced was.