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McClintock confirms season three of Warehouse 13

Actor surprised by producer’s tweet, but pleasantly so.

Eddie McClintock has confirmed that Warehouse 13 will be back for a third season.

Speaking to SciFiNow from London, where he had recently arrived from the Reunion 8 event in Daventry, McClintock said that Jack Kenny’s tweet announcing the new season was a surprise.

“It is [a surprise] to me,” McClintock said. “Because I know we hadn’t officially been told that season three is a go. It’s always been a foregone conclusion, but for our executive producer to actually come out and state in print that the show’s back is a surprise, and it’s a good surprise. I didn’t realise that I was allowed to necessarily say that. Although today, Syfy brass announced that – I had confirmed – the existence of season three.”

McClintock, of course, plays Secret Service agent Pete Lattimer in the show. Looking further ahead, he said that he would be happy to continue doing so for more seasons to come.

“I love the character, I love the show, I love my cast mates. We shoot in Toronto, which is a little far for me since I live in Los Angeles, and Toronto’s actually on the other side of the country, which is a bit of a bummer. But everything else is great, we have a great crew. I’m just really fortunate and lucky to be on a show that actually entertains me. The acid test for me is if my dad likes it. He loves the show, and you know, that’s really cool to be able to do something that your old dad approves of.

“It’s really exciting. After 13 years of being on show after show, it’s really a great feeling to know that I have a little bit of job stability for a while.”

Warehouse 13 season two is released on DVD in early 2011. The full interview with McClintock will be published later this year.