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Marvel’s Ant-Man is happening right now

Peyton Reed kicks off filming Ant-Man with a celebratory tweet [cue party poppers]

Ant-Man filming kicks off today
Ant-Man filming kicks off today

Marvel’s Ant-Man has officially started filming today, as director Peyton Reed posted a celebratory tweet this morning.

Also to dance about is recent casting news. Already announced were Paul Rudd (Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy) as Scott Lang, aka. Ant-Man, Michael Douglas (Wall Street) as Dr Hank Pym, and Evangeline Lilly (Lost) as Pym’s daughter Hope.

Late additions include Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire), Judy Greer (Archer), Corey Stoll (House Of Cards), Michael Peña (End Of Watch), John Slattery (Mad Men), comedian Gregg Turkington and rapper TI. Expect the cast to be in high demand(-ible) very soon.

What with Edgar Wright’s departure from the film after years of development in May, there has been a lot of negative press surrounding it, and massive adjustments to the screenplay by Adam McKay, Kevin Weisman and Matt Gerard since. Reed is going to have to up the ant-e if he’s going to win back the Wright fans.

But apparently Reed can lift 50 times his own body weight, so he’ll have no trouble carrying the project.

Ant-Man will be released on 17 July 2015Find out more about the comics that inspired the film with new digital magazine Uncanny Comics