Martyrs remake confirmed with new directors

The remake of brutal French horror masterpiece Martyrs might actually be happening

MartyrsPascal Laugier’s searing French horror masterpiece Martyrs has been threatened with a remake for some time now, and now it looks like it might finally be moving ahead.

The Fantastic Fest Twitter account (via BloodyDisgusting) tweeted this promotional artwork from the Berlin Film Festival, which reveals that Blumhouse and the Safran Company are now involved, and that the Goetz Brothers (Scenic Route) are directing.

Martyrs poster


The original 2009 film told the story of Anna and Lucie, two young women who grew up together in an orphanage who confront an unspeakable horror from Lucie’s childhood. It’s savage, shocking and oddly tender, and it’s really very good. Any remake will be held up to a very high standard indeed.

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