Mark Duplass says Creep 2 “is gonna to get a little weird”

Finally, Mark Duplass confirms that Creep 2 is happening

We are huge fans of Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass’ excellent found-footage horror Creep, and we were definitely intrigued when the duo announced that it would be the first part of a trilogy when the movie was first released. Then things went very quiet on the Creep front.

Now, Duplass has tweeted confirmation that work is underway on Creep 2

Meanwhile, Brice had a little fun with his announcement.

The first movie is made up of the footage shot by videographer Aaron (Patrick Brice), who was paid by Josef (Duplass) to film his day. Josef seems nice enough, if just a little…off.

Now, it’s a bit difficult to talk about what we might expect from Creep 2 without spoiling the first movie, so if you haven’t seen Creep, stop reading now because



So, the first Creep movie ended with Josef killing Aaron then putting his footage in a collection of tapes, suggesting that Josef has done this several times before, so we’re assuming that a sequel would be another story of Josef bringing someone into his life, manipulating them, becoming obsessed with them, and then murdering them. Within that framework there’s obviously a lot of scope for things to get a little weird, and we are very, very excited by that prospect.

Duplass is one of the busiest guys around, so it’s brilliant that he’s making time for another Creep movie. He’s got Alexandre Lehman’s love story Blue Jay in the can (which is playing at TIFF), while Tabrez Noorani’s sex-trafficking drama Love Sonia is in post-production. He’s also producing Charlene DeGuzman’s Unlovable, which is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

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