Mark Duplass’ Craigslist horror gets a mad first poster

Jay and Mark Duplass-produced found-footage horror Peachfuzz has distribution

Jay and Mark Duplass’ found-footage horror Peachfuzz has got a new poster and secured a distribution deal.

Mark Duplass stars in the film about a young man who answers a Craigslist advert with terrible consequences. The film is directed by first-time helmer Patrick Brice and has been picked up Blumhouse pictures (Paranormal Activity).

The Duplass brothers have pretty much been the face of the mumblecore movement over the last few years, making films like Jeff Who Lives at Home and Cyrus, while Mark Duplass has starred in Your Sister’s Sister and Safety Not Guaranteed.

You can buy the Duplass brothers’ first horror effort Baghead on DVD for £7.00 on