Man Of Steel’s Henry Cavill is up for Justice League

Henry Cavill says “Justice League is in the long term”, Man Of Steel 2 must come first

Henry Cavill as Supman in Man Of Steel
Henry Cavill as Supman in Man Of Steel

Speaking to IGN, Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill was cautiously behind reprising the role for a Justice League or Batman/Superman movie, but agreed with Zack Snyder that Man Of Steel 2 was needed to cement the shared universe.

“Well, Justice League is in the long run,” confirmed Cavill. “I mean it’d be fun, but Man Of Steel was about a god coming to Earth and everybody getting use to it.

“Like we can’t just have a world full of gods now. Batman/Superman would be great fun, because it brings two worlds together and could introduce some new characters. But Man Of Steel 2, is a continuation of a story, and I guess we can introduce some characters in that.”

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