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Man Of Steel 2’s Lex Luthor is Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston gets 6-film Lex Luthor deal, while Ben Affleck is up for 13 (!?) films as Batman

Lex Luthor in his Superman-busting battlesuit
Lex Luthor in his Superman-busting battlesuit

Woah, we cautioned, er, caution on this rumour a few weeks ago, but it looks as though the Latino-Review whisper-factory was spot-on for a change as according to CosmicBookNews, Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston has being signed up for what the describe as a “Nick Fury-style 6-film deal” as Superman’s classic overreaching antagonist Lex Luthor, starting with Man Of Steel 2.

Not sure what the site’s hit rate is like but they’re reasonably confident that it could be confirmed soon, adding that Ben Affleck could be signed up for a ludicrous 13-film deal as Batman (obviously this will be made-up largely of Marvel-style cameos etc), while his regular co-star Matt Damon is being courted for either Aquaman or Martian Manhunter.

I hope that bit’s true at least, it’ll drive the overreacting haters to apoplexy.

Man Of Steel is still in cinemas – read our review here. You can buy The Dark Knight Returns for £14.99 at Amazon.co.uk.