Man In The High Castle Season 2 confirmed

Amazon’s The Man In The High Castle will return for a second season

Having shattered records as the most successful pilot episode for a TV series on Amazon’s Instant streaming service, it was no surprise that The Man In The High Castle would turn out to be such a hit. Indeed, Amazon have clearly recognised this, with a second season already being green-lit.

Based on the classic dystopian novel by Philip K Dick, executive-produced by Ridley Scott and created by Frank Spotnitz, there was never any shortage of talent behind the scenes. With such safe hands involved, it was no surprise that the show proved to be such a hit with fans.

Taking place in an alternative universe where the Axis forces won World War II and the US is now under the joint (albeit increasingly uneasy) sway of Germany and Japan, and starring the likes of Rupert Evans, Alexa Davalos, Luke Kleintank and Rufus Sewell, the plot sees an American lady, Juliana (Davalos) discovering a mysterious film that depicts an alternate world in which the Allies triumphed – won that the Germans and Japanese will do anything to get their hands on.

Mixing excellent production values with a high-octane plot, intriguing ‘what if?’ scenarios and committed performances, we’re glad to see The Man In The High Castle get another shot, especially as there’s a lot left to explore from the first season. With – SPOILERS – John Smith (Sewell) contemplating his loyalties after his son’s illness, Joe (Kleintank) having escaped and Juliana and Frank (Evans)’ lives left in tatters, there are a number of directions in which it could head. There are few other shows like it on TV, and it’s great that it’ll still be around for the forseeable future.

The Man In The High Castle: Season 1 is available to stream now on Amazon Instant Video. For more news about the biggest TV series, pick up the latest issue of SciFiNow.