Luke Cage Netflix series adds Sons Of Anarachy actor to cast

Yet another familiar face has been added to the rogue’s gallery of Netflix’s Luke Cage

Theo Rossi Luke Cage
Sons Of Anarchy star Theo Rossi has been cast in Netflix’s Luke Cage

Following last week’s news that Alfre Woodard was on board Netflix’s Luke Cage in a villain role, it looks like she might be getting some backup, with Deadline reporting that Sons Of Anarchy star Theo Rossi has been cast in the series.

His character is officially known as ‘Sonny’, who Deadline describes as being “relentless and menacing, smooth and manipulative, street smart and controlling.” However, the true identity of his character is being pegged as Shades (aka ‘Alvarez’), a former fellow inmate of Cage’s at Seagate Prison in the comics, who later clashes frequently with him and partner Iron Fist, being equipped by some Cyclops-esque power-blasting visors to help him out.

In addition to this, the same report says that Rosario Dawson will be appearing, reprising her role as Claire ‘Night Nurse’ Temple from Daredevil. She will joined Rossi, Woodard and Mike Colter, who is in the title role.

Luke Cage will air on Netflix sometime in 2016. For more about the comics that inspired the series, pick up the 100 All-Time Greatest Comics: Revised Edition bookazine now.