Discover the wars behind Game Of Thrones, Star Wars & more

History of War magazine reveals the real conflicts that inspired some of the sci-fi’s greatest movies


From Star Wars to The Hunger Games, and Battlestar Galactica to Game Of Thrones, the world of sci-fi and fantasy is one that has always been permeated by before. But no matter how rich the on-screen results are, they can never hold a candle to the horror of the real thing.


Coming from the people who brought you SciFiNow, All About History and How It Works magazines, History Of War combines in-depth articles with eyewitness accounts and interviews with top historians to bring you a magazine bursting at the seams with explosive, engaging and awe-inspiring articles, photography and insights.


From the biggest battles and most destructive conflicts to the soldiers themselves and the weapons they fought with, from heroes and villains to war machines and weapons there is no stone left unturned in the mission to bring you the best coverage on the things that continue to shape the battlefield that is Earth.

In this issue, History Of War reveals all on the world’s most deadly special forces teams – including an interview with a Navy SEAL – and goes in-depth on events like the Iranian Embassy Siege and the Battle of Trafalgar. Elsewhere, the origins of Hitler’s deadly SS are explored, and the most game-changing battles in history are put under the monocle.


In short, for anyone looking for the ideal companion to SciFiNow, in History Of War you have found the perfect match. Get yours now.

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