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Let’s get reading!

SciFiNow issue 55 demystifies the amazing world of science fiction with Everything You Need To Know About SF (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Designed to set the new reader off on their incredible journey and enhance the understanding of even the most seasoned of scholars, SciFiNow’s Literary Primer offers up a list of 20 essential books, a family tree of authors stretching from Mary Shelly to current heavyweights like Iain M Banks and Peter F Hamilton, a flow-chart to help you decide which of the many subgenres is for you, and eight very good reasons why picking up the book wins out over watching the film every single time!

Everything You Need To Know About SF (But Were Afraid To Ask) can be found in issue 55 of SciFiNow, available from www.imagineshop.co.uk and all good newsagents, so pick it up and check it out!

SciFiNow is the only mainstream sci-fi magazine with a dedicated book section, featuring the hottest news, the most enquiring interviews, the insightful reviews and the coveted Literary Classic.