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Legendary gives up Batman vs Superman for Interstellar

Legendary Pictures swap rights for Man of Steel 2 for a piece of Interstellar

Man of SteelLegendary Pictures have given up their stake in Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman for a piece of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, according to The Wrap.

The production company recently split from Warner Bros after eight years, leaving many in the industry wondering what effect this would have on the largely genre products that they co-produced. Clearly, Legendary want to stay in the Christopher Nolan business, and had to give up Superman and Batman to do so. Additionally, as SlashFilm points out, Interstellar is released first and would be a quicker final break from Warner Bros.

This has no effect on the films themselves, but it is the final manouevering of a long partnership between the two production companies. Legendary have produced all the Christopher Nolan Batman films, and any Pacific Rim sequel would come from them.

Batman vs Superman is set for release in Summer 2015. Interstellar is set for release 7 November 2014.