Legend Of Conan producer wants Weta Workshop

Arnold Schwarzenegger could be battling Weta Workshop monsters in The Legend Of Conan

The Legend Of Conan

The Legend Of Conan
Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1984’s Conan The Destroyer

Legend Of Conan producer Fredrik Malmber has revealed that he’d like regular Peter Jackson collaborators Weta to produce the amazing world and special effects for his Arnold Schwarzenegger-starred follow-up to the cult 1982 fantasy movie.

“As you know right now, we’re concentrating on the story and the script,” said Malmber talking to TheArnoldFans.com, “and then we’ll go out and find the right director who has the same passion as the rest of us in the group.

“And you always have to let the creative side and let the director put his stamp and mark on it so you never know what’s going to happen with the production design,” Malmber continued. “I mean, we’re trying to get the top production people involved.

“We’re talking all the time about who we’d see doing the production, and our dream would be to have the WETA Workshop guys, the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit guys. They are huge Conan fans and they would be great to be involved on the creative side.”

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